Why do I need 3MVentureShield?

Paint protection film is the most effective way to protect your paint from stone chips, abrasions and environmental damage. As such, 3MVentureShield provides a durable protective barrier without altering the vehicle’s appearance to keep your vehicle’s appearance good as new. 3MVentureShield is OEM tested and motor sport approved in the harshest environments on 2 or 4 wheels.

Does it just protect from stone chips?

No, it’s a durable film so will also protect your paint from scratches and scuffs as well as environmental damage (bird droppings etc).

Why is it an ‘investment’?

When you come to resell the vehicle, the paintwork underneath the film will be as good as the day it was installed, so should command a higher resale price than a damaged car.

When is the best time to get VentureShield installed?

Ideally within 6 months of purchasing the vehicle or at least before too much damage is incurred. Prevention is better than cure here so sooner the better!

Does it matter if it’s fitted in summer or winter?

No, different times of year have different paintwork damage risks (loose chippings, bugs etc) and the material is fitted in a clean room environment so it doesn't matter.

How do I look after the film? Is anything special needed?

Essentially, treat it like you would treat your paintwork (hopefully that’s by regular washing and the occasional wax!). We recommend using 3M Performance Finish wax on the film (and paint) to make subsequent cleaning and removal of stains and insects easier.

How long does the film last?

If it doesn't get scraped or too damaged and is cared for (it’s a paint protection film, so if you scrape a wall the film may get damaged but your paint should be fine underneath) it should easily last for years. If needs be, you can remove the film and fit a new part without buying a new full kit.

Can I remove it? Does it leave a residue or remove the paint?

Yes you can remove it (warming it up helps it to peel off) and it won’t leave a residue on the surface. If the paintwork was original when fitted, it won’t remove it either (poorly cured resprays are more vulnerable so always consult the dealer if you have had a respray).

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