Window tinting.

The Ultimate in Office & Car Window Tint.

Ultimate Auto Tints provides a complete solution for car window tints and office window tinting in Cambridge and surrounding areas. With around 10 years of experience in the window tinting industry, we provide the highest level of professional tinting service for your tinted car windows, home or office. We promise to provide a friendly, timely and hassle-free experience at either your location or ours in the heart of Cambridge; whichever fits your schedule the best.

From tinted car windows to a multi storey office block, no job is too big or too small. Ultimate Auto Tints will meet any requirements flawlessly. We will also beat any official like-for-like quote offered to you, ensuring your peace of mind that you have received the best service and the best finish with the best value for money.  Call Ultimate Auto Tints, an expert in car window tint, for a free quote today.

Car Window Tinting: Protection.

A car window tint from Ultimate Auto Tints is the most comprehensive way of protecting yourself and your family from harmful UV rays in our atmosphere. UV damage is accumulative and irreversible, and is a major cause of skin cancer. 80% of the sun’s harmful UV rays penetrate an average day’s cloud cover, so it doesn't have to be a sunny day to be damaging to your health...

A car window tint will filter up to 98% of harmful UV rays from the interior of your car. Window tinting will also reduce up to 40% of heat in the summer months – cool relief for families with children, and dog owners.

Car Window Tinting: Security.

From tools in a van to media systems in a 4x4, car window tinting hides valuables from unwanted prying eyes. You can protect your investments further, and virtually eliminate the risk of theft from ‘smash and grab’ thieves with a clear security film which is designed to hold glass in place even if shattered.

Headlight and taillight tint.

Give you car a new sporty look with tinted headlights or tinted tail lights.

All films are 100% legal and add a great subtle effect.

Office Window Tinting – Cost effective protection.

Office window tinting has more benefits for your business than you may think:

    • Protection from harmful UV rays within your workplace – the cause of fading in valuable fixtures and fittings.
    • Preserves the value of your property
    • Reduce unwanted glare. From computers to TVs at home, glare can cause problems. Office window tinting can reduce glare by up to 85%, increasing comfort and productivity in the work place.
    • Keeps up to 75% of heat out of the office in the summer, again increasing comfort and productivity amongst workers in the office.
    • Prevents up to 25% of heat loss in the winter, thus keeping down your energy bills.

Ultimate Auto Tints can provide a complete office window tinting solution for your business. Call 07814 758572 for a free no obligation assessment and quote.